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Effective Google Email/Suite Phishing Campaign

26 January 2017

There is currently a major phishing campaign going on that is tricking users into entering their credentials into a screen that appears to be from an email provider.  These screens appear legitimate enough to fool even security professionals.  There is also a related phishing campaign tempts unsuspecting email users to click on a link to open a document stored in a Google Drive account.

Images below are examples of what you may see if you receive an email that attempts to lure you into giving up your credentials.

Below is what that image looks like.  Don’t click on the link.  If you receive one of those emails, please forward the email to us at infected@360cybersec.com


How do you tell if it is legitimate or not.  Look in the address bar.  If it is a bad link, it may look something like this…


Notice the words data text and html all be for the https?  That should not be there.  If it was a legitimate, the https: and a lock would appear in green.

One way to avoid complete access to your account is to turn on 2-factor authentication (2-step authentication in Google).  If you see screens like the ones above and enter in your login credentials, your credentials have been compromised.  But with 2-factor authentication enabled, your account will likely not be compromised.  Change your account password immediately.  This goes for any accounts on any website that you use the email address and same password (which is also HIGHLY not recommended).

If you have any questions, please be sure to drop us a line at info@360cybersec.com