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BYOD – Bring your own what????

BYOD – Bring your own what????

What is BYOD?  Sounds like something illegal that you might bring to a party.  However this is not that type of D.

BYOD is “Bring Your Own Device.”  More and more companies and businesses are considering the use of BYOD as it is a method of reducing the amount of money spent on equipment.  Think about it, you don’t need to provide a workstation to the employee because they are going to use their own laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Kind of like not having to buy an ambulance or an engine since the first responder has their own gear and responds to the scene of the emergency.  Think of all the money we would save if we use the first responder’s personal vehicles.  Does not make sense.  The vehicle will likely not have all the necessary equipment.  Particularly true when you need several hundred gallons of water.

Well it partially makes sense, what is needed is the middle ground with certain protections in place.

BYOD works well in small businesses that can’t afford the overhead of providing workstations to each employee.  With more and more cloud enabled software (Google Apps for Business/Education/Non-Profit, Microsoft Azure and Office, etc.) employees can get the work done if they simply connect to the Internet.  The cloud allows for access to company resources in a protected manner.  But only to resources the company allows, which should be measured against the sensitivity and requirements of the job.

Just as most jurisdictions don’t allow EMTs & Paramedics to run around with medication in their own personal vehicles, there are times when having the knowledge they possess can put in place an intervention to save someone’s life without the use of medications.  In the business environment there maybe times where working on certain projects requires work be done on personally owned equipment and other times where work must be performed in the office on company owned IT equipment.

So it is a balance.  In my next blog, I will go into ways of protecting your data when using BYOD.

Think twice and perform a cyber 360.

Special shout out to fellow EMS professionals for EMS week.

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Chris Wolski is the founder and principle consultant of the small business and municipality focused cyber security firm 360 Degree Cyber Security, LLC. He is currently certified by International Information System Security Certification Consortium as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and by the SANS Institute as a Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional. Active in the information security community, Chris volunteers his time at BSides Delaware and to various individuals seeking to be mentored in cybersecurity. He is frequently researching industrial devices to discover weaknesses that would present a problem for users of those devices. Chris obtained his start in cyber security in the U.S. Navy where he served in various information security and signals intelligence roles over his 20 year career. He left government service after serving in a position to develop cyber threat intelligence against industrial controls and later on the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a cyber incident handler. Chris has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cybersecurity from University of Maryland University College and is currently pursuing a Master in Business Administration, also at the University of Maryland University College.

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