360 Degree Cyber Security, LLC

Our Services

We tailor our support to small businesses, municipalities, and organizations to work within a small business budget.

Network monitoring

Indications that something is not right usually appear in the network. Monitoring the network helps identify that activity.

Vulnerability Assessments

Understanding where the risks are to your vital business information will help you build a plan at protecting it.

Plan Development

No matter what the size is of your business, having a plan when things don't go right will make it easier for your business to recover.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Do you suspect that an employee or an outsider is doing something that is illegal or could potentially harm your organization? Digital forensic investigations can find those clues.

Employee Education

It is true, the more you aware of something, the more cautious we behave. Same goes with cyber security. Educate your employees to help them become your first line of defense.

Risk Resource

Is your organization adding new information technology? Understand the risks to your current environment and your data.

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